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Exclusive deal: Get Started with TouchGFX on STM32F7

  • Speed up your GUI development project using the STM32F746 discovery kit.

    Buy TouchGFX Startup Support add a reduced price and get the STM32F746 discovery kit for free!

High Quality Graphics Using Only Internal Memory

  • TouchGFX allows you to have high quality graphics on your devices without using external SD-RAM.

    Users expect smartphone look and feel, not acknowledging the constraints of limited resources on microcontroller setups. The user expectations require 16-bit color depth normally pushing one to use external SD-RAM for two framebuffers. This requirement for external memory increases the complexity and cost of the hardware development and production cost. We experience a hard push from high volume product manufactures towards saving of external RAM, accepting only a minor UI performance limitation.

    Popular microcontrollers from ST targeting GUI applications contain enough internal memory to hold one framebuffer + TouchGFX stack + RTOS. Read the full article (click title)..

Software Design Challenges for Heterogenic SOC’s

  • Modern embedded systems often have a wide variety in workloads and tasks to perform. These tasks vary from sophisticated HMI’s, visualizing graphics or HR video and processor intensive data-analysis to the real time monitoring of multiple sensors and control of actuators such as servo-engines. How to bring these together on one heterogenic SOC?

TouchGFX UI support for Renesas Synergy S7

  • TouchGFX UI applications fit perfectly with Renesas’ Synergy ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. As a result, we are increasing our engagement with Renesas. With Europe as our starting point, Renesas Synergy and TouchGFX is now moving into the global market.

FLYER E-Bikes: FIT with TouchGFX

  • FLYER is a world leading Swiss e-bike manufacturer. With the groundbreaking range of FLYER e-bikes under its wings, the company is a pioneer within today’s e-bike market. In the development of one of their latest bikes, they used TouchGFX to develop their high-end display, D1. Read the full article (click title)..