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Atollic TrueSTUDIO 8.1.0 is released

Atollic TrueSTUDIO version 8.1.0. This version comes with updated target support and some improvements related to project management, building and debugging:
  • Project wizard improved to better support generation of linker script for not natively supported devices
  • Faster and more stable ST-Link GDB-server
  • External builder now also able to print size information and convert output format
  • Support for task profiling in the kernel-aware debug views for FreeRTOS


Improved generic Arm project wizard

The improved project wizard simplifies generating projects for ARM microcontrollers that are not natively supported by TrueSTUDIO by creating a custom linker script based on your inputs. Simply enter the start address and the size of memory regions into the project wizard and the tool will generate the linker script automatically.

The new project wizard enhancement helps generating out-of-the-box building projects even for chip manufacturers that are not natively supported. This gives the user a great starting point for further develoment!

Improved external builder support

External builder allows using Make to handle the build process. The user can either create and maintain their own makefiles based on TrueSTUDIO templates, or have the Makefiles auto-generated based on CDT GUI build settings.

In TrueSTUDIO 8.1.0 the CDT build system using external builder has been improved to support:
  • Printing of program size information upon project successful build.
  • Conversion of build output, e.g. generation of hex-files

Faster ST-Link GDB-server

In version 8.0.0 the ST-Link GDB-server was partly re-written, stability was improved and the ST-Link was maded available both for Windows and Linux. In version 8.1.0 the ST-Link GDB-server has been improved even further. Time-out values for single stepping have been decreased leading to a faster response time of the debugger in general.

We have also resolved the stability issues some of you noticed with persistent mode. Resets upon ending of debug sessions have been fixed and new target support has been addded.

Improved FreeRTOS support

Atollic TrueSTUDIO Pro comes with kernel-aware debug support for FreeRTOS and many other RTOSes.

In TrueSTUDIO 8.1.0 support has been added for visualisation of FreeRTOS run-time statistics. The user can see execution time distribution between different FreeRTOS tasks.Additionally visualisation of statically allocated tasks and queues is now fully supported.