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Enter The Dezyne Challenge 2017

Verum invites you to take part on our Dezyne Challenge 2017. Everyone who completes the Challenge will receive a Raspberry PI 3B as thanks for participating. Two lucky winners will each receive a 3D Printer for their efforts.

The Challenge

The Dezyne Challenge runs from the 1st of December 2017 – 31st January 2018. It requires participants to develop a small, illustrative example of the use of Dezyne and to provide Verum with ideas on how Dezyne could be made easier and more fun to use. The winner of the best example will win a 3D Printer. The participant who provides us with the most ideas on how to make Dezyne better will also be rewarded with a 3D Printer.

How to take part in the Dezyne Challenge

To take part in the Dezyne Challenge you simply need to click on the register button and fill in the form. On the 30th November we announce the requirements.

Should you wish to refresh your knowledge of Dezyne, join a free, open Dezyne Workshop.

We greatly look forward to welcoming you to the Dezyne Challenge 2017!

Last years Dezyne Challenge

Last year’s Dezyne Challenge was a lot of fun! We had a wide range of entries from a great game through to a model railway controller, the best of which we have published on our website.

The winner of the best Dezyne example was Hans Kuppens with his “Dezyne in the Pocket” game.The winner for the prize for the most valuable feedback was Terry Dennemans, with more than 25 excellent ideas for improving Dezyne, most of which have already been absorbed into Verum’s development roadmap.