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TrueSTUDIO 5.5.1 is released

Recently TrueSTUDIO v.5.5.0 was released, by the help of our user community we could quickly identify and resolve some important bugs. Thanks to our user community, we can now present you the highlights together with the bug fixes in TrueSTUDIO v.5.5.1

Highlights of new release…

New Atollic ARMTools Toolchain

  • Built on GCC v.5.3.1, GDB and Newlib versions.
  • Support for Cortex-M7 instruction set
  • C++14 for C++ compiler

New Build Analyzer [Pro Feature]

  • Visualization of memory map
  • Shows RAM / FLASH usage
  • Shows addresses / size of functions and data

New MTB-tracing for Cortex-M0+ [Pro Feature]

  • Instruction tracing by recording execution flow
  • Helps track down crashes and visualizes program flow
  • Works with any debug probe

What else is there?

  • New right click on folder to add/remove folder from include path (Pro feature)
  • Minor update in Fault Analyzer (Pro feature)
  • Minor update in SFR view fixing visibility error
  • New device support added

Important Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with mcpu and interwork build flags (mixed ARM/Thumb) which could occur. Users had reported that the build configuration lost the “-mcpu=XYZ” setting.
  • Hybrid combinations of “Standard C++, Reduced C” and “Reduced C++, Standard C” are allowed again.
  • New Atollic ST-LINK_gdbserver v2.4.1 Pro. Solves flash problem on some STM32 devices introduced in v2.4.0

If you are using v.5.5.0, please download and install this new version.

Download TrueSTUDIO 5.5.1 – tools for ARM development