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How to design an embedded GUI for future migration between MCU and MPU

  • When designing an embedded system with an MCU, one of the hardest tasks for an engineering team is deciding on the type of “brains” their new electronic product really requires. While there are really only two (and some in between) choices to choose from, the decision made can influence (and constrain) future GUI decisions.  

Insyde Software uplifts Firmware Security with Platform Firmware Resiliency

  • Insyde® Software, a leading provider of UEFI BIOS and systems management software, today announced that its products, InsydeH2O® UEFI BIOS, and Supervyse® management firmware now supports the latest NIST SP 800-193 compliant (PFR) Platform Firmware Resiliency guidelines. This will help enable Insyde Software’s customers to
    design more secure platforms that are hardened against the increasing amounts of malicious and potentially destructive malware attacks.

Video: Creating exceptional UIs using real-time behavioral insights

  • Join us for a look at how real-time insights from Storyboard and Tracealyzer can help create exceptional UIs on NXP i.MX RT series devices such as the i.MX RT1060.

Prevent field failures and improve end-user experience

  • A principle of device design is that the quality of your device will not exceed that of its weakest component. Will your company name suffer if your product corrupts user files or performs sluggishly? The extent to which this will limit the success of your product requires in-depth analysis.

Reliance Nitro Linux Filesystem Competitive Comparison

  • Tuxera Reliance Nitro is a transactional file system created specifically to protect critical system and user data from corruption in embedded devices where power loss may occur. It ensures rock-solid data reliability while providing the performance to deliver an optimal user experience, and it works with a broad array of storage media – including flash memory, RAM, hard disk, USB mass storage, SD/MMC, e•MMC and UFS– and virtually any 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.