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New Wi-Fi / Bluetooth M.2 Modules

  • Our M.2 modules, co-developed by Embedded Artists and Murata, have been released

    If you are looking for a flexible and reliable Wi-Fi / Bluetooth solution for your product our M.2 modules could be a perfect alternative. We have a family of M.2 modules; all based on Murata connectivity modules, which in turn are based on different Cypress chipsets.

In Connected Systems, the Software Development Lifecycle lasts a Lifetime

  • Until recently, the software development lifecycle generally ended at product release. Connectivity, however, has extended that development lifecycle to the lifetime of the product or as long as it’s in the field. Unlike isolated systems, the software requirements for products such as connected cars can change at any time, whenever changes occur in the product’s connected environment or a new security vulnerability is discovered.
    Each newly discovered vulnerability implies a changed or new requirement that requires an immediate response. Revised code must then undergo static analysis and all impacted unit and integration tests need to be re-run (regression tested).

emSBC-Neon with ST STM32F469NI

  • Attractively priced Single Board Computer with ARM Cortex-M4

    Do you have growing requirements in the areas of real-time capabilities and energy efficiency?
    The emSBC-Neon with ST's MCU STM32F469NI addresses these requirements and offers a long-term availability of up to 15 years.

Connecting MDK-Middleware to the Cloud

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) describes connected end-note devices that collect, process and exchange data. An IoT client is a software interface which runs in the IoT end-note device and establishes the connection to a cloud service. Arm adopted cloud connectors for Keil MDK-Middleware using the reliable networking stack for communication with the cloud service. This application note describes how to use the IoT clients from MDK-Packs to connect an IoT device to a cloud service provider. Read more to open the application note.. 

How to install and setup ARM Keil MDK

  • This video shows how to download and install ARM Keil MDK. It explains how to run example projects using the built-in simulator and real target hardware. Learn how to gain access to the MDK-Middleware and watch how to debug the applications using the µVision debugger and its dedicated debug windows.