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Brand new Dediware software is available!!

DediProg launched the latest Dediware software which has brand new functions with friendlier user interface can support StarProg, ProgMaster series programmers and automatic programming system.

Dediware has all the necessary functions, including basic functions like read ID, read, blank check, program, verify, batch and advanced function like protection, auto-start, and standalone project which commands are also available.

Dediware has two different modes dedicated to different types of needs. Engineering mode is a specific mode to help engineers to test and develop. Production mode can control several programming devices simultaneously and individually to achieve the best productivity.  

Most important, all updates and further versions of Dediware software are  FREE. You can always find the latest version software on the website:  www.dediprog.com

If you already have StarProg or ProgMaster series programmers, please feel free to contact us to upgrade your Dediware and Firmware.