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Datalight Releases FlashFX Tera 4.1

New Release Brings Industrial Grade Flash Memory Management Software to Industrial Internet of Things Devices; Expands Support for Cost- and Space-Efficient SPI Interface 

Bothell, WA – March 28, 2017 – Datalight Inc., the developer of the most reliable file systems and comprehensive flash memory drivers for the Industrial Internet of Things, has released the latest version of its market-leading FlashFX Tera product. This release introduces support for FreeRTOS, the popular operating system for micro-controller-based IoT devices, and the most recent versions of Linux. Designers of resource-constrained devices will also benefit from enhanced support for SPI NAND and SPI NOR.

SPI NAND is experiencing a rise in popularity in IoT applications, due to low cost per megabyte, reduced board space requirements, and lower pin count that improve overall device cost. Datalight has introduced support for this flash media in the 4.1 release of FlashFX Tera. In addition, the existing support for SPI NOR has been improved. The quad-SPI support will provide solid driver support for both NAND and NOR flash media.

“Device designers have a vast array of hardware and operating system choices for their embedded systems,” said Vice President of Engineering Tony Questad. “Datalight strives to provide a stable storage stack no matter the combination they decide is best for their use case.”

With this new FlashFX Tera release, resource-constrained designs that use FreeRTOS can more easily integrate Datalight’s power failsafe file system for the IoT, Reliance Edge. These projects can gain complete data reliability as well as improved flash memory performance and longevity by pairing FlashFX Tera and Reliance Edge. 

FlashFX Tera version 4.1 also offers expanded support for RTOSes used in higher-end embedded designs, adding VxWorks 64-bit environments and Linux Kernel support from 3.4 through 4.9. These popular RTOSes are used in a variety of designs but often included in aviation, automotive and consumer projects.

The product is available immediately from Datalight and its European partner Logic Technology. Existing customers who have current Technical Support and Maintenance Agreements are eligible to receive this version for no additional fee by contacting Logic Technology.

About Datalight

Datalight, Inc. headquartered just north of Seattle, Wash., develops technologies to enable risk-free mobile data. Datalight software helps leading OEMs build high-performance, reliable devices that get to market quickly. Our product line includes Reliance Nitro, a transactional power failsafe file system; FlashFXe software acceleration for managed flash and FlashFX Tera comprehensive software management for raw flash. Expert engineering consultation and services speed time to market for device manufacturers. When data integrity, time to market and design flexibility matter, the world’s leading device manufacturers invest in solutions from Datalight.  Datalight products have shipped in hundreds of millions of embedded devices in demanding product categories like automotive, medical, retail, industrial automation and military/aerospace.

For more information about FlashFX Tera 4.1, please contact us.