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Datalight Releases NitroBoot 2.0

Lite, Pro and Automotive editions make implementation easy and effective for a variety of designs

BOTHELL, Wash., - September 27, 2017 - Datalight Inc., the leader of the most reliable file systems and comprehensive flash memory drivers for the Industrial Internet of Things has released NitroBoot 2.0. NitroBoot, the fastest boot solution for embedded devices, has been shipped in more than 13 million devices.

In October, companies that want faster boot time for their devices will have more flexibility in integrating NitroBoot into their designs, with three different editions, Lite, Pro and Automotive. The Lite edition is perfectly tailored to designs where startup conditions do not change from one boot to another, or where budgetary restrictions would have otherwise made inclusion of the software prohibitive.


NitroBoot 2.0 makes use of the latest semiconductor technology to enhance performance, delivering 40% faster reading of the snapshot image. And the introduction of three versions that differ in features and functionality, makes it easier for developers of embedded devices to integrate NitroBoot into their projects.

“NitroBoot has seen broad adoption in the automotive market where boot time can be the difference between success and failure, but reducing boot times has become just as important in other embedded industries as well,” said Datalight VP, Sales & Marketing, Kerri McConnell. “The Lite edition of NitroBoot makes this technology affordable for the general embedded industry and makes Linux a viable options for devices where it would not otherwise meet the requirements.”

As OEMs have continued to move to Linux and Android, more are experiencing user frustration due to slow boot times. NitroBoot is unmatched in providing fast boot times for feature-rich Linux systems that can experience slow startup times.

Devices from a variety of industries, such as automotive, medical, industrial and consumer electronics demand fast boot times. For example, drivers need their IVI system to be usable within one second from the time they turn the key in the ignition, while slow boot times in medical devices can negatively impact patient care, leading to bad outcomes.

NitroBoot achieves fast boot times by combining hibernation techniques with proprietary technology to ensure boot time remains fast even as the memory size grows. This technology makes traditional strategies to shorten startup time, such as hand-pruning device drivers, sleep mode and hibernation obsolete.

NitroBoot has been integrated into a wide variety of Linux kernels and for a number of popular ARM chipsets and development boards. The software development kit allows for integration into most embedded environments. Datalight and its development partners are available to customize integrations for specific systems. Evaluation versions are available for a number of development boards, including the NXP SABRE SD, Renesas SalvatoreX or even the inexpensive Raspberry PI.

This new release will be available from Logic Technology throughout Europe in October. 

About Datalight

Datalight, Inc. headquartered just north of Seattle, Wash., develops technologies to enable risk-free mobile data. Datalight software helps leading OEMs build high-performance, reliable devices that get to market quickly. Our product line includes Reliance Nitro, a transactional power failsafe file system; FlashFXe software acceleration for managed flash and FlashFX Tera comprehensive software management for raw flash. Expert engineering consultation and services speed time to market for device manufacturers. When data integrity, time to market and design flexibility matter, the world’s leading device manufacturers invest in solutions from Datalight. Datalight products have shipped in hundreds of millions of embedded devices in demanding product categories like automotive, medical, retail, industrial automation and military/aerospace.