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Logic Technology introduces J-Testr Functional Test System

Panningen / The Netherlands – June 25th, 2015 – Logic Technology introduces the J-Testr from Swiss-based Eiger Design GmbH to the Benelux, German, Swiss and Austrian markets. The J-Testr is a highly compact ‘all-in-one’ universal & modular Functional Test System for hardware systems. The J-Testr provides a complete mechanical, power, thermal, and stimulation environment to the users’ Unit Under Test (UUT).

 “Eiger Design GmbH has chosen to work with Logic Technology due to their well proven technical knowledge and experience in the test solution market. It is important to us at Eiger Design that customers not only receive a quality product, but also receive quality technical advice, guidance, and ongoing support” Tony Jay from Eiger Design GmbH.

Image-J-testr_300_T.pngJ-Testr is an innovative, flexible & low cost Functional Test System that allows native control via both IEEE 1149.1 JTAG, and Ethernet. This enables the user to control both the test environment, and the UUT from a single, user selectable, software environment. J-Testr's flexible and reconfigurable design allows easy re-use on multiple projects and UUT types (Boundary Scan or under software control). The combination of a single simplified software platform, and a re-usable hardware platform, provides significant standardisation & re-use capability, with resultant improvements to cost, time, and quality.

The J-Testr is compact and highly integrated, but still includes test stimulation features such as high specification power supplies, electronic loads, and power protection circuits, that are very rarely seen even in much larger & more expensive test systems. Such power, and power safety, features allow users to do complete UUT power supply testing with ease, whilst providing maximum protection for the UUT during testing.

The unique mechanical architecture implemented by the J-Test system means that the user can eliminate many, and in some cases all, cables from their test system. This improves setup costs & time, reduces space, and most importantly increases reliability.

"Developing Functional Hardware and System Test rigs gives many test engineers and their managers headaches. This is because of the complexity of defining the proper test protocols, designing the mechanical & electrical aspects of the test rigs, followed by writing the function-specific test programs. Each time something changes in the UUT, it all needs to be revised", says Gilbert Gadet Managing Director of Logic Technology. "Functional System Test, especially if there are many peripherals and power supplies involved, takes up a significant part of the overall product development budget. This is where we see the advantages of using J-Testr, because it is modular, re-usable, and magnitudes less expensive than conventional solutions."

About Eiger Design

Logo-Eiger-Design_T.pngEiger Design GmbH is committed to designing and producing innovative test equipment, focussing on a high level of technical specification, ease of use, and flexibility. Based in Switzerland on the outskirts of Interlaken, close to the famous Eiger Mountain, our engineers are constantly looking at ways they can help make the design of UUT functional testers faster, simpler and more efficient.

As experienced test engineers ourselves, we understand the technical challenges, both electrical and mechanical, as well as the tight timescales experienced by modern day test engineering divisions. This knowledge helps Eiger Design GmbH engineers to design and refine each product to ease the complete functional test design process by giving the test engineer the tools to develop better and faster. www.eigerdesign.com

About Logic Technology

Founded in 1993, headquartered in Panningen The Netherlands, Logic Technology has become a leader in Europe's embedded market. Our unique combination of high-quality products, support and consultancy services is most appreciated by embedded developers.  It's this All-Inclusive concept that enables developers to focus on their own key tasks!

Logic Technology’s product offering includes Software Quality solutions, such as static code analysis, test automation and MISRA®-C Checkers. Logic’s Boards & Solutions specialists offer solutions such as boundary scan, computer modules and board supplies. In the field of Development Tools Logic offers a variety of ARM® & Intel® Tools, debuggers and Eclipse IDE solutions. When it concerns Software Components Logic Technology has specialists in flash device managers, reliable file systems, UEFI BIOS & bootloaders in house. These time saving products are complemented by a strong focus on technical support, (in depth) Technology Courses, Training and Consultancy Services. www.logic.nl