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New 2016 features for the J-Testr Functional Test System

The J-Testr is a configurable, easy-to-setup & use test system, either for R&D hardware verification or manufacturing test of circuit boards. It replaces large and costly ATE and PXI-based systems, by reducing costs, (compact) size and the ability to easy re-use the system for different target boards.

The new J-Testr features for 2016 include


A range of ‘bed of Nails’ fixtures, based on INGUN mechanisms, with full J-Testr integration out of the box:
  • Super compact “J-Testr+ Mini” has a pin-able area of 160 x 100mm, 300N of force, with direct mounting on top of the J-Testr.
  • Compact “J-Testr+ JT12” has a pin-able area of 285 x 240mm, 2000N of force, with J-Testr internally mounted.
  • A full UUT customisation solution with a 3D CAD design flow is available as a service too.


A mechanical mounting system for a circuit board during functional test. This is applicable to applications where a ‘bed of nails’ fixture is not required, or not allowed (e.g. military), and the board under test is plugged in via its native connectors.

LV and HV Relay Peripheral Cards

A Low-Voltage (up to 50V @ 1A) 32-contact relay card (expandable to 64) and a High-Voltage (up to 230Vac @ 2A) 16-contact relay card (expandable to 32). Applications include:
  • Multiplexing ADC/DAC and other signals without adding circuitry to the interposer
  • Switching high voltage AC inputs (110Vac and 230Vac) in industrial applications
  • Switching mains power, external power supply inputs, etc.

A communications peripheral card

With dual RS422/485, dual CAN, and with optional Dual ARINC429.


An RF power meter and RF frequency counter that allows functional testing of RF devices such as Bluetooth, ZigBee and WIFI by verifying the correct frequency and relative output power of radio modules, effectively proving that the RF signal paths have no faults or unexpected losses.

J‐Programmer kit

Integration kit for the low cost and production grade ISP (in system/circuit programming) “Flasher” programmer solutions from Segger.


Integration of Optimistic Penta LED sensors for up to 18 LEDs (or other light sources) per J-Opto kit, this will allow direct testing of LEDs optically (colour and intensity) without user intervention. Other optical sense solutions are also available including direct connection the JTAG bus (digital pass/fail), please enquire.

For more information about the J-Testr Functional Test Sytem, please contact us.



J-Testr+ Front


J-Testr+ rear, showing
carry handle


J-Testr+ rear, showing
easy direct plug access
to the interposer


Repleacable UUT Module