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New J-Testr version 2 Firmware introduces J-Safe Technology for ultimate UUT protection

The new J-Testr version 2 Firmware will introduce "J-Safe technology" which expands further on existing 'high speed' protection features designed to keep the UUT 'safe' in cases of major faults that would normally be harmful to the UUT.

The new "J-Safe" mechanism shutdown ALL possible sources of energy that can be sourced into a UUT after a major UUT failure (Over-voltage, Over-current, etc) has occurred. This includes IO, DAC, Signal Generators, communications lines, etc.

As with all J-Testr user features the "J-Safe Technology" is extremely easy to use with a dedicated "JSafe" information register per bus controlled device to easily locate the cause of the J-Safe condition.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive safety/protection circuitry
  • 100% system wide 'Fail safe' protection scheme
  • Ultra-fast re-action time
  • No user software intervention required
  • Can eliminate the requirement of ICT prior to Functional Test
  • Simple to set-up and use
  • External ‘User’ safety circuitry easily added with ’Go-Safe’ Signal

How safe is your functional tester?

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