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Release Notes Dezyne version 2.8.x

On the 3rd of July 2018 Dezyne Eclipse plugin/GUI 2.8.0 is released. We’ve also released a new version of the Dezyne command line called Dzn.
A recap of the most important fixes and improvements;

Most important improvements

  • The Dezyne verification engine is based on mCRL2
  • The semantics of silent modeling events, i.e. state transitions associated with on inevitable or on optional without externally visible events, is now more strict and enforced by a new well-formedness check.
  • Code generation is improved:
    • The C++ code and runtime embed the service version.
    • There are several fixes for usage of native (sometimes referred as foreign) components.
    • The INTERFACE_ONLY macro has been removed from the C++ code generators.
    • Skeleton code for native components is now generated inline; no longer in a separate skel_ file.

Please check out the full release notes here to discover all fixes and improvements.

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