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Using NXP i.MX RT1060 with Keil MDK

This hands-on tutorial introduces you to  the NXP RT 10x0 family using the Keil MDK toolkit and uVision I D E. It is compliant to the Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS 5.0). The example shows in detail how to debug using Serial Wire Viewer data trace, Event recorder and Power Measurement.

The tutorial uses an NXP MIMXRT1060-EVK evaluation board and requires a Keil MDK installation . Optionally, a ULINK or a Segger J-Link may be used. The ULINKpro and the ULINKplus provide the best performance and support Interrupt handling and timing display.

A Blinky example is used to show the usage of Keil MDK with an NXP RT 10x0 device. Usage of the Keil event recorder is shown, which will annotate the source code and display messages and data in various windows. Using a ULINKplus, Power Measurment and CPU speed are added. 

If you don`t like the idea of annotated source code, usage of ARM CoreSight is shown to visualize Real-time Read and Write memory accesses for Watch, Memory, Peripheral and RTX Tasks windows. This technique works with all debug adapters, uses no instrumentation and does not use up clock cycles. 

Download the application note and example code

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