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Ways to meet the relentless pressure to market faster

If you’re building a one-off product, code reuse doesn’t matter. That being said, you almost never use good code only once. Initial releases invariably get updated with new features and bug fixes, one product can lead to a family of products, and reliable code from older projects is often implemented into new incarnations. So if you’re writing code with a plan to throw it away, you’re doing it wrong.

Allowing designers and developers to use the same tool
eliminates disconnects and rework.

Architect UI-code for reuse

You can always get one product to market quickly. With reusable code you can get subsequent products to market even quicker. Finally, use a methodology that separates the UI logic from the corporate identity logic. Doing this will allow common visual elements and themes to be leveraged across products and platforms, making it easier for you to build derivative products. Ensure your UI tool of choice makes this simple.
Use a tool that streamlines the design-development workflow to minimize wasted effort.

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