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Ways to meet the relentless pressure to release products faster

Designers often use one set of tools (such as Adobe Photoshop) to craft the look and feel of a UI and another set for prototyping (like Adobe Experience Design). Developers then use a third toolset (often C/C++) to implement the final product. All of these changes in tools, process, and workflow suck up time and introduce errors. Thankfully, there are tools on the market that can help create a streamlined design development process.

Streamline Design and Development
Everyone knows that the innovation treadmill is leading to ever-shortening development cycles and increased competition.

Streamline design and development

The best development tools are ones that are simple enough for the designer to create a prototype UI but deep enough for the developer to produce complex logic, include pre-existing libraries, and modularize components.
Use a tool that streamlines the design-development workflow to minimize wasted effort.

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