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About LDRA

LDRA is an ISO 9000/9001:2008 certified company, dedicated to providing high quality products and services to its customers developing mission-, safety-, and security-critical applications.


Ultra developed a midlife upgrade of a pre-existing, uncertified, avionics system and faced significant challenges due to the introduction of requirements for DO-178B Level B safety certification coupled with a migration to a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware platform.  The LDRA tool suite was utilised to overcome the identified challenges to develop a safety-certifiable platform running on VxWorks.

-Ultra Datel-


LDRAcover provides test planning documents and colour-coded graphs to help you achieve the desired level of coverage, ranging from procedure/function calls to safety-critical modified condition/decision coverage.

LDRAcover also supports the verification of systems running customer provided test cases. These system tests can execute within LDRAcover, in a simulator or some other host-based environment or on a target platform.