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About LDRA

LDRA is an ISO 9000/9001:2008 certified company, dedicated to providing high quality products and services to its customers developing mission-, safety-, and security-critical applications.


Ultra developed a midlife upgrade of a pre-existing, uncertified, avionics system and faced significant challenges due to the introduction of requirements for DO-178B Level B safety certification coupled with a migration to a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware platform.  The LDRA tool suite was utilised to overcome the identified challenges to develop a safety-certifiable platform running on VxWorks.

-Ultra Datel-


At the heart of the LDRA tool suite is LDRA Testbed, providing the core static and dynamic analysis engines for both host and embedded software. LDRA Testbed enforces compliance with coding standards and provides clear visibility of software flaws that might typically pass through the standard build and test process to become latent problems. In addition, extensive test effectiveness feedback is provided through structural coverage analysis reporting facilities which support the requirements of the DO-178B standard up to and including Level-A.

LDRA Testbed utilises its own proprietary parsing engine, giving ultimate flexibility for tailoring the tool to meet user requirements and take advantage of new analysis techniques.

Independent studies have shown that through use of the LDRA Testbed reported bugs can be reduced by up to 75% and testing efficiency improved by 46%.

LDRA Testbed was the first tool to be utilised for certification to the Federal Aviation Authority’s DO-178B standard for both airborne and ground-based systems.

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