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About Ka-Ro electronics

Over 500 customers rely on Ka-Ro’s core competences in manufacturing, in electronic development and in Ka-Ro’s own computers on modules which excel in the market thanks to low power consumption and small formats. Individual support and consulting carried out by a team of Ka-Ro engineers are further strengths of Ka-Ro.


Ka-Ro Qseven - Warpcomm

Carrier board designers can utilize as little or as many of the I/O interfaces as deemed necessary. The carrier board can therefore provide all the interface connectors required to attach the system to the application specific peripherals. This versatility allows the designer to create a dense and optimized package, which results in a more reliable product while simplifying system integration. Most importantly, TX applications are scalable, which means once a product has been developed, the product range can be diversified by using TX modules with a different performance class. Simply unplug one module and replace it with another, no redesign is necessary.

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