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About Ka-Ro electronics

Over 500 customers rely on Ka-Ro’s core competences in manufacturing, in electronic development and in Ka-Ro’s own computers on modules which excel in the market thanks to low power consumption and small formats. Individual support and consulting carried out by a team of Ka-Ro engineers are further strengths of Ka-Ro.


Ka-Ro QSXM Series

i.MX 8M Mini Applications Processor

The i.MX 8M Mini applications processor blends advanced processing capabilities with sophisticated audio, video, and graphics to deliver low-power and high-performing solutions for embedded consumer and industrial applications.

QSX vs. QS

  • QSX is a QS module that has been enlarged by 1mm all around.
  • The size is hereby increased from 27mm square to 29mm square.
  • In each corner this gives additional space for a total of 8 further pads which are used for PCIe and USB3.
  • The inner 27mm x 27mm QS area remains identical providing full compatibility.


Benefit by using QS module family

The QS module family has very compact dimensions. They include a complete embedded System on Module with processor, PMIC, RAM and flash memory.

Because of the very dense packaging on the top side, there are no components on the bottom side of the module, cut-outs on the base board are not required. The pin compatible family concept provides all important interfaces needed for embedded designs, e.g. USB, Gigabit-Ethernet, display and many serial interfaces.

Flexibility, high performance and easy integration

All signal connections are located at the module edges, allowing easy optical inspection during production. The modules can be assembled by automatic pick & place machines without any mechanical assembly work necessary.

The pin-optimized QS concept enables the use of a simple, cost-effective 2-layer base board.

A development kit with schematics and bill of materials is available to support a quick evaluation and project start.

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