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About Kovair Software

Kovair Software is a Silicon Valley software product company specializing in the domain of Integrated software tools and its solutions support global product development and management.


Kovair DevOps

Key Highlights of Kovair DevOps

  • Supports multiple databases – Maria DB, SQL Server and Oracle fitting into the needs of organizations of all size
  • Offers Task-Based pipeline supporting parallel tasks, stages of release and execution of one pipeline from another
  • Provides complete insight into release progress & process efficiency through real-time reports & dashboards
  • Allows to do a continuous assessment of DevOps implementation through DORA metrics
  • Supports shells and Windows command execution in pre-build steps
  • Support Manual task for Approval at different stages
  • Supports distributed builds with multiple agents
  • Supports notification on the build status
  • Allows to manage pipeline execution from e-mail
  • Supports Pipeline-as-a-Code


Download the datasheet:

Kovair DevOps Datasheet

Rich Platform

  • Support for both windows & Linu
  • Support for multiple databases — Maria DB, MySQL, SQL Server,Oracle
  • Intuitive and simple UI with minimum clicks
  • Agent based execution for scalability
  • Easy search & filters across the application
  • Single interface listing Manual Task for logged in User

Own Pipeline

  • Task Based pipeline
  • Configure both sequential & parallel tasks
  • Configure manual and automation activities
  • Configure Pre/Post condition in individual task under the pipeline.
  • Manage & execute pipeline through E-Mail
  • Clone & Archive pipeline
  • Invoke pipeline from Kovair ALM Studio & 3rd Party Applications
  • Change history for pipelines
  • Send mail to user when Manual Tasks are assigned and approve by e-mail
  • Trigger Pipeline from another Pipeline

Manage Release

  • Release based pipeline management
  • Release calendar for tracking releases
  • Release overtime indicator
  • Multiple release support within a project

Easy Installation

  • Docker enabled
  • Downloadable installer support
  • Support for Cloud based installation

Access Control

  • Login based access to platform
  • Project access by group
  • Group based access to pipeline


  • Reports related to release build, & deployment
  • Different configurable reports from Kovair ALM Studio
  • Group based access to dashboards

Immediate Business Benefits

  • Implement end-to-end Continuous Delivery process breaking all silos by integrating all your existing tools
  • Perform deployment across multiple environments and platforms from one single pipeline
  • Accelerate your build and deployment processes through Kovair task-based pipeline
  • Perform continuous testing with different test automation tools

Major Capabilities

Release Orchestration

Manage complex software releases from one single platform.

  • Standardize release processes through automated and manual tasks ensuring compliance and security
  • Identify bottlenecks, reduce errors, and lower the likelihood of release failures
  • Create, Execute and Track your releases through task-based pipeline
  • Gain real-time visibility into release progress

Task-Based Release Pipeline

Implement task-based release pipeline for automating the process of code check-in to delivery.

  • Plan, Create and Manage task-based pipeline with combination of automated and manual tasks
  • Manage pipelines from handheld devices through e-mail
  • Manage parallel and sequential tasks with optional pre & post conditions for every activity
  • Implement diverse processes by reusing the pipeline and release templates
  • Manage dependent releases through dependent pipelines
  • Use custom commands and utilities for different activities
  • Connect all tools of your software delivery pipeline
  • Supports Pipeline-as-a-Code
Task Based Release Pipeline
Task Based Release Pipeline

Continuous Integration, Continuous Build & Deployment Automation

Automate continuous build and deployment processes through 3rd party tools and custom routines.

  • Automate deployments across multiple environments like on-premise servers, cloud or containers
  • Automate builds using any build tool or custom commands or executables
  • Gain visibility to every deployment of applications and environments
  • Implement governance and control for every deployment
  • Kovair DevOps platform offers a quick and easy solution towards deploying and managing containerized applications.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance by provisioning, scaling and upgrading of resources, with 100% uptime.
  • Kovair DevOps platform helps in creating container images for faster deployment in Kubernetes-based environments.
build and delivery loop

Continuous Testing

Implement continuous testing over multiple environments.

  • Implement test automation to support different types of testing – Functional, Integration, System, Load, API and Security
  • Get test results manually approved before production deployment
  • Perform testing over multiple environments

Real-time Analytics for Continuous Assessment

Measure the success of your DevOps implementation through real-time reports and dashboards.

  • Ensure delivery value stream and drive business ROI with complete visibility of all releases
  • Assess your DevOps implementation maturity constantly with data driven DevOps
  • Analyze trends and manage releases more efficiently
Real time Analytics for Continuous Assessment

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