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About Dediprog

Founded in 2005 in Taiwan, Dediprog is a company that provides solutions for programming of EEPROM, SPI Flash,NOR Flash, NAND FLASH, Microcontroller, eMMC, CPLD and other programmable devices.


"When working with SPI-flash, you want a simple solution that does what it needs to do: program any SPI part type fast, error free, if possible integrated from within a build script. That is exactly what the SF100 does. We are now making the step to use the Dediprog Universal Programmers in Production to speed up throughput. It is looking promising!"

-SBC Board Manufacturer -, Germany

Universal IC Programmer

ProgMaster-U8 is a new generation universal gang programmer with ultra high speed and it completely can support all IC families on the market. Equipped with 8 programming sites. ProgMaster-U8 has been designed and optimized to reach the IC maximum performances without compromise on the programming quality, stability and reliability making it the best value for mass production.


  • High programming speed
    • Built in high speed processor to achieve high programming speed
  • Completely support all IC & MCU families and packages
    • Support EEPROM、SPI/NOR/NAND/SPI NAND FLASH、Microcontroller、eMMC、eMCP、SD Card、CPLD、FPGA, etc
    • Support DIP、SOP、SSOP、 TSOP、PLCC、QFN、LQFP、BGA package, etc
    • Regular device update
  • Software supports NAND FLASH skip Bad Block and partition programming
  • Able to perform stand alone programming when programming SPI/ NOR FLASH and eMMC
    • User can use Dediware software to generate work project and store it in the memory card. Then, ProgMaster-U8 can work with LCD Keypad to perform stand alone programming and no need to be connected to PC.
  • Each PC can connect unlimited number of ProgMaster-U8 at the same time
  • Especially designed for the purpose of mass production to increase throughput
    • User directly presses Start button to execute programming after loading work project;avoid human errors like loading wrong file and selecting wrong IC.
    • 3 advanced working modes:
A. Manual Start Mode:Press “Start Button” to execute programming after inserting IC in all sockets.
B. Auto-Socket Start Mode:Each socket works independently. Programming is executed instantly after inserting IC to socket.
C. Auto-Cartridge Start Mode:Programming automatically starts when inserting IC in all sockets.

Standard Accessories :

  • ProgMaster-U8*1
  • USB Cable*1
  • Power Cable*1
  • 32GB SD Memory Card*1
  • CD-ROM*1( Included Dediware software and user manual)

Optional Accessories :

  • Socket Adaptor
  • 64GB SD card
  • LCD Keypad



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