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About Eiger Design

Eiger Design GmbH is committed to designing and producing innovative test equipment, focussing on a high level of technical specification, ease of use, and flexibility. Based in Switzerland on the outskirts of Interlaken, close to the famous Eiger Mountain, our engineers are constantly looking at ways they can help make the design of UUT functional testers faster, simpler and more efficient.



The J-Testr+ GTI test systems give the user a complete FCT (Functional Circuit Test) solution in an extremely compact footprint. With the integrated & configurable J-Testr system and Generic Test Interposer (GTI), the system is completely ready for use with no customisation work required. All stimulation and measurement signals are readily available at either the standard 2.54mm pitch ribbon cable headers (low-cost manual direct plugging option), or at an automatically plugging ‘Pylon’ mass connection type interface.

The J-Testr+ GTI test systems contain some very unique features including a compact size,  a prototyping kit, ‘Pass through’ wiring, an ‘EZ-Wired’ pylon interface and integrated oscilloscope option. 

Key features

  • Complete functional test system
  • Ready to test with no customization
  • Integrated oscilloscope & RF measurement options
  • Flexible choice of test software language
  • Compact space-saving footprint
  • Highly configurable and versatile
  • Unique Prototype Exchangeable option

Customised Exchangable Unit
Prototype unit with UUT

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