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About Crank Software

Crank™ Software Inc. is an innovator in embedded user interface (UI) solutions. Crank Software bridges the gap between UI design and embedded systems to deliver competitive advantage, with higher ROI and lower TCO, while delivering a superior customer experience.


"Crank Software uniquely bridges the gap between UI design and embedded systems by streamlining the development lifecycle and enabling customers to get products to market faster," said Dan Mender, vice president, business development, Green Hills Software. "Our partnership with Crank Software provides customers an integrated software solution that secures confidential content from malicious attacks and unwanted access by relying on the industry's most trusted real-time operating system — INTEGRITY — and its award winning security architecture."

Crank Storyboard Lite

With Crank Storyboard Lite hardware compatibility ranges from cortex-M up to cortex-A. The Crank UI design and development software Storyboard was created to be platform-agnostic so that development teams can create UIs optimized for hardware performance and tailored for user experiences.

What makes Storyboard different?



Designers can import their 2D and 3D artwork from Photoshop, Sketch, and FBX and create, tweak, and test their UIs from prototype to hardware all from one tool.

Update design and rebrand with ease

The graphical compare tool and Photoshop reimport allows teams to easily manage updates and design iteration during development. 

Animation timeline

Using the animation timeline, designers can create, edit, and review animations without code.

Scalable across platforms

Storyboard provides a consistent, hardwareindependent Ul development environment across all embedded platforms from MCU to the most powerful MPUs.


Built for embedded application development, Storyboard separates the user interface from the underlying system architecture.

Validate and refine 

Storyboard Connector empowers designers with an easy way to simulate data from the underlying system, allowing them to quickly validate and refine the user experience.

Crank Storyboard reduces the frustrations, delays, and costs associated with embedded user interface
development by treating designers and developers as equals, working side-by-side to deliver modern, rich, and engaging experiences on any class of embedded system.


Give Storyboard a try, claim your Free 30 day trial:

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