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About Draupner Graphics

Draupner Graphics A/S, is the owner of TouchGFX. The software framework offers your embedded product outstanding graphics and smooth animations with minimal resource and power consumption.


Our brand is dear to me. Finding partners that we can trust with brand-specific projects is hard. The TouchGFX team delivered to our high standards. The combination of user experience, design, hardcore embedded coding skills, and the TouchGFX framework was exactly what we needed. – Jeff Rowland, CEO at Jeff Rowland Design Group.


TouchGFX is a unique software framework that unlocks the graphical user interface (GUI) performance of your low-resource hardware.

The revolutionizing technology breaks existing restraints, as it lets you create sophisticated GUIs that fully live up to today’s smartphone standards at a fraction of the cost.

By using TouchGFX, your embedded product gets outstanding graphics and smooth animations with minimal resource and power consumption. You get a high-end product with a low cost per unit and a long battery life.

Optimal Resource Utilization

The core of TouchGFX technology is an advanced algorithm that decodes what is showing on-screen and enables the GUI to only use resources to draw the graphics visible at any given time. In addition, TouchGFX includes rendering algorithms and new advanced drawing mechanisms, giving you:
  • Higher GUI performance and smooth animations at a frame rate of 25 or more
  • Display-resolutions up to WSVGA: 1024×600
  • Low MCU load, typically ≤15%
  • Ultra-low power consumption

Developer-Friendly Framework

TouchGFX is structured to make the development simple and easily manageable. With automated developer-tools we have created an efficient framework that gives you the perfect platform for developing GUI applications in TouchGFX. The developer-friendly framework includes:
  • Object-oriented extendable API
  • Automated build chains for generating elements, such as bitmaps and fonts
  • PC simulator for prototyping and easy debugging
  • Optional built-in scheme for efficient memory allocation
  • A standardized structure for integrating the GUI with the rest of the system

Design Features

Modern GUI features
TouchGFX enables transparency, alpha-blending, anti-aliased fonts and kerning, touch gestures, animations, 3D-effects, full screen transitions, all on high-resolution displays with high frame rates.

Multiple Alphabet/Script Support
TouchGFX supports multiple alphabets and scripts, such as Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. A converter turns translations into a memory-optimized internal format at compile time.

True Type Font and Image Converter
Integrated converters create internal representations of any font and images.

TouchGFX Designer
A graphical tool for designing the visual appearance of your TouchGFX application fast effectively.

Technical Features

Compiler Support
  • Simulator (Windows/Linux/Mac):
    • GCC or Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Target:
    • IAR, Keil and GCC (f.i. Atollic)

PC Simulator
A PC-based simulator running on Windows and Linux gives you an easy way to evaluate and assess your application and do non-target debugging.

Examples and Demos
TouchGFX includes a range of ready to compile and run examples and demos for both PC and targets. These applications come with full source code.

For more information about TouchGFX, please contact us.

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