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About Intel Software

Intel System Software Division focuses on the development and innovation on Intel® core system software and platform technologies. Our core competencies include EFI/Framework firmware technologies, Linux*/open source technologies, MeeGo, virtualization technologies, OpenSolaris and System Optimization methodologies etc.


“The combination of Intel ITP with matching JTAG debugger integrated into Eclipse has saved us many man hours in customizing our bootloaders and UEFI BIOS. At the same time, our BSP engineers benefit from the VTUNE tool in ISS to find and remove hot spots in their code, thus optimizing power consumption for our SBC’s”

Firmware manager, SBC manufacturer - Europe

Intel® System Studio

Meeting System and Embedded Developers’ Challenges

Smart, connected devices are growing in complexity—and are everywhere. Fifty billion connected devices are expected by 2020. Intel® System Studio addresses the challenges facing system and embedded developers, who need tools that:
  • Enable and accelerate performance-demanding use cases
  • Offer insight into sources of excess power consumption 
  • Quickly help resolve defects in complex systems
  • Are comprehensive and easy to use

Intel® System Studio 2016 meets all those needs, helping system and embedded developers deliver great products on Intel® architecture-based platforms. This comprehensive suite includes advanced tools and technologies to help speed delivery of energy-efficient, high-performance, smart, connected devices across wide-ranging system and embedded platforms and mobile devices.

Who Needs Intel System Studio?

  • Device manufacturers looking for shorter system bring-up and validation cycles
  • System integrators who need faster software stack integration and optimization
  • Embedded application developers who want to efficiently deliver new capabilities

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate time to market. Speed up development with fully supported tools that provide deep platform insight.
  • Boost power efficiency and performance. System-wide analyzers, compilers, and libraries provide a smarter way to develop smart code and boost both power efficiency and performance.
  • Strengthen system reliability. Quickly and easily enhance system stability using in-depth, system-wide debuggers and analyzers.
  • Worldwide, professional Intel® Premier Support whenever it’s needed.

Download the product brief to find out what’s new in Intel System Studio 2016.