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About Intel Software

Intel System Software Division focuses on the development and innovation on Intel® core system software and platform technologies. Our core competencies include EFI/Framework firmware technologies, Linux*/open source technologies, MeeGo, virtualization technologies, OpenSolaris and System Optimization methodologies etc.


“The combination of Intel ITP with matching JTAG debugger integrated into Eclipse has saved us many man hours in customizing our bootloaders and UEFI BIOS. At the same time, our BSP engineers benefit from the VTUNE tool in ISS to find and remove hot spots in their code, thus optimizing power consumption for our SBC’s”

Firmware manager, SBC manufacturer - Europe

Intel® System Debugger

JTAG-assisted Debug & Trace Solution for Intel® Architecture

The Intel® System Debugger is a sophisticated JTAG-assisted high-level-language debugger that provides deep system-wide insight into Intel® Architecture based platforms for more robustness and reliable systems. Specific OS-awareness modules for Embedded and Real-time Operating Systems make Intel® System Debugger the right solution to solve developers’ complex debug challenges and help accelerate time to market of Intel Architecture-based embedded devices.

Quickly Isolate Complex System Issues

Comprehensive, system-wide hardware and software event tracing helps to efficiently pinpoint issues with time-stamped, correlated trace information and analyze complex interactions between software and hardware.

System-Wide, Closed-Chassis Debugging

JTAG*-based debug and trace over a standard USB connection adds flexibility and lowers costs, removing the need to access a JTAG port.

Extended Insight into Windows* System for Enhanced Reliability

System debug and trace extensions for Microsoft* WinDbg* Kernel Debugger help simplify platform bring-up and Windows driver validation. Debug a completely halted Windows system, including drivers and interrupts, and isolate complex run-time issues faster with Intel® Processor Trace.

Effectively Debug Compute-Intensive Code Offloaded to Graphics Cores

Use simple compiler directives (e.g., #pragma) to mark compute- intensive code to cooperatively execute across processor and graphics cores. An extended debugger now supports debugging
code running on the graphics cores in addition to the processor cores.

Intel® System Debugger is not sold separately.  It is included in this suite: Intel® System Studio Ultimate Edition