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ULINKpro Family

The right features for you

No one likes to pay for what they do not use. So the ULINKpro family makes a great entry level debug solution for OEMs and ODMs that do not require all the versatility and performance of the ARM DSTREAM™ debug and trace probe. ULINKpro D supports download and debug of code on a wide selection of devices, and is even capable of collecting processor trace from the Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB). ULINKpro adds 4-pin ETM streaming trace capability over ULINKpro D feature set when connected to Keil MDK-ARM (note this feature is not currently supported in DS-5).

If you are developing for higher-end SoCs or other more complex projects, then the DSTREAM debug unit provides an extra dimension of functionality.

Get more out of your Keil tools

Being able to use the same debug probe across both Keil MDK-ARM and DS-5 is great news. But better still is the fact that when connected to DS-5 your ULINKpro or ULINKpro D unit becomes a powerful, multicore capable debug unit with support for devices based on Cortex-M, Cortex-R and Cortex-A processors.

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