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About Crank Software

Crank™ Software Inc. is an innovator in embedded user interface (UI) solutions. Crank Software bridges the gap between UI design and embedded systems to deliver competitive advantage, with higher ROI and lower TCO, while delivering a superior customer experience.


"Crank Software uniquely bridges the gap between UI design and embedded systems by streamlining the development lifecycle and enabling customers to get products to market faster," said Dan Mender, vice president, business development, Green Hills Software. "Our partnership with Crank Software provides customers an integrated software solution that secures confidential content from malicious attacks and unwanted access by relying on the industry's most trusted real-time operating system — INTEGRITY — and its award winning security architecture."

Crank Storyboard Browser

Storyboard Browser is a WebKit-based extension for Storyboard Suite that enables HTML5 content to be rendered directly within a Storyboard application. Just like Storyboard Suite, Storyboard Browser has been optimized for embedded devices such as In-vehicle Infotainment, industrial automation, medical and consumer devices.


Engineers who want the mobile capability, cross-browser support and advanced APIs of HTML5 can now easily frame and control dynamic web content within their UI by using Storyboard Browser. With Storyboard Browser, they can create a user interface leveraging the native interfaces of Storyboard to build a high performance embedded UI along with the flexibility of integrated HTML5 content.

With Crank Software, teams can get a UI development tool and a WebKit-based application that renders HTML5 content without having to use a multiple-vendor solution. Simply use the proven Storyboard Suite and the Storyboard Browser extension for a single-vendor, seamless solution that empowers you to create the best UI possible.

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